android app development course in Delhi

Android is the world’s most popular mobile platform.

It has become one of the latest and updated technologies that have established a great revolution in the mobile app industry. 

Android is an open-source technology(OST) that is based on the Java Platform. Today, most of the smartphones build upon Android Technology and hence there is a huge demand for the Android app developers in the market. 

NIAMC has designed the android app development course in such a manner that after the completion of the course, students can easily build up their own applications.

Every area of human interest has been explored and expanded by the applications we all use on our devices at our ease and comfort.

The demand for mobile app consultants is so high that the market is suffering from their deficiency at this time.

Android developers are always in demand. Those who are willing to Begin Android App development can start with either Java or with Kotlin.

Both of them are android development language.

With the help of android app development course in delhi, you can build your mobile application and also share your application with all the real-time users by launching it on the Google Play Store.

In this course, you’ll learn how to create an android project with android studio. You’ll become familiar with android development tools.

NIAMC is one of the best institutes for android app development course in delhi. At our institute, we focus on providing practical sessions and hands-on practice sessions for a better


While learning this course, you’ll learn the following topics:

  1. Android system architecture
  2. Android components
  3. Various functions and activities of android.
  4. How to install android development tools.
  5. Building different android projects.
  6. How to use device-independent pixel (DP)
  7. Converting between pixels and DP
  8. Concept of a broadcast receiver and many more.

Students who are willing to learn android app development can join us at NIAMC. 

We are one of the top android app development training institutes in Delhi.

If you want to make a career in this industry, I would like to mention, it offers a great number of job opportunities. Not only job opportunities but also you can build your own android apps.

Those who are mid-career professionals can also learn this course from NIAMC in order to expand their business. 

Those Just developing an app is not enough for a business to expand its reach. One must be careful about all the measures and calculated steps should be undertaken.

We provide the best knowledge of the right methods and strategies that will help you survive in the market and get the desired results.

We have scored a rating of 4.8 on google and received ample positive feedback which makes us the best institute for android app development in India

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